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Subliminal Challenge Presentation

The Subliminal Challenge Perception verses Persuasion Subliminal Reserach or Confusion Physiological Measurement Danger messages revealed bodily response and influenced thoughts. Take the Challenge The Protocol Part 1 The Protocol Part 2 Reserach Grant

Sound files to perform the experiment:

  • Control File
    Ocean Sounds Only
    MP3 Download (4.55MB)

  • Placebo File
    Oceans Sounds with the subliminal phrase "People are walking"
    MP3 Download (4.67MB)

  • Experimental File
    Ocean sounds with the subliminal phrase "Look Out! Danger! Danger!"
    MP3 Download (4.67MB)

The subliminal messages occur every 55 to 65 seconds in the recording. Each sound file should be downloaded for offline playback.

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